[Reprinted with approval]

January 10, 2007

Re: Jim McDonald – Woodland Contracting

To Whom It May Concern:

First, I would point out that I have been working with Jim on various construction projects for over ten years; therefore, this letter is not based upon a single or short term project. I will only mention a few.

Jim was my general contractor for an extensive remodel recently upon an older home that I wished to put up for sale ad the work had to be superior for such sale. I was out of the country often and could not supervise such an extensive remodel. Jim took the responsibility for the entire project which included among other improvements:

  • Tear-out and replacement of the entire driveway;
  • Refinishing all the wood floors (extensive);
  • Remove an old window and replace with a picture window;
  • Remove and replace the entire heating/air conditioning system;
  • Redo the electrical plugs;
  • Sheetrock, paint and finish a storage room,utility room and laundry room; This included all plumbing, electrical and fixtures to be as new.

I moved into a new custom home and wanted most of the flat finish work to be done by Jim. He did all the design and installation of the marble and granite throughout the home. This was an incredible amount of stone, some vertical as well as horizontal; and I am proud to show it to you anytime!

While Jim was doing this marble and granite; we had a problem with another contractor’s work that left me in a serious dilemma. The pool installation had solar heating tubing installed inside the concrete pool deck which Jim was going to cover with slate when it was complete. Before Jim could do that a cold weather snap came early and we realized that the pool installer had not drained (or provided drainage) for the tubing in the concrete, and the water froze and ruptured most of the tubing inside the concrete (a disaster). It was clear that the entire pool deck concrete had to be torn out, removed, regraded, and replaced. This is a huge deck, and I wanted new solar heating tubing installed again. With my travels, I needed help! Jim came to the rescue and became the general contractor for the entire job, coordinated the subcontractors and created a pool deck better than the first. The he finished it with the slate beautifully!

After that, Jim designed and fabricated a one-of-a-kind swimming pool cover system for this double infinity edge pool. The pool contractor said it couldn’t be done with 2 infinity edges. Jim did it, and it works great.

He has also done something else that I’ve never seen done before. He designed and built our entire fireplace mantle. We wanted it to have the flames in the middle of the fireplace and a waterfall along the sides; he did it and we are the only ones to have one.

Not only that, the he constructed a 6′ (diameter ed.) marble fountain in the center of our front courtyard assembling pieces that we had purchased from China. After that, he designed and installed a one-of-a-kind natural gas firepit on top of our pool deck.

Another impressive design-build project that Jim built from scratch was a gatehouse to hold and operate a large vehicle gate across our driveway. It included a security system with intercoms, motion sensor remote color cameras with video recording, underground sensors for automatic exit systems and motion sensor alarms. It’s a beautiful building that perfectly matches the Italian Villa design of the main house.

It has truly been a pleasure working with Jim because of the creativity we have enjoyed together. These have been fun projects because of the enthusiasm and unlimited talent that Jim brings to an idea. I don’t think there is anything he can’t build.

Again, please call anytime and would love to show Jim’s workmanship. You may call my cell or office. *1*


RS Fort Collins CO

*1* Contact name numbers to be revealed upon valid request.


[Reprinted with permission]

Hi Jim,

We’re happy with the new tile. Thank you!

We bought all the bi-fold doors as you instructed and would like you to install them if you can.

Please let me know if that’s a problem