It’s hard for me to believe but I’ve been in the construction industry for so many years now. I’ve done complete projects as a general contractor. I’ve done jobs for customers as a sub-contractor. I’ve done large jobs and small jobs.

You might find a “Mission Statement” on many websites, but what do they mean? Do they guarantee that you and the contractor/handyman are a good fit? I prefer to meet with the client to see if he is clear on what he expects from a project and that I fully understand what the expectations are for the completed project. I would like to be your “go to guy.”

I love the work I do and my customers love it too. Take a look at the testimonials page to see what others have said about my work.

I am happiest when I come upon a problem. I simply won’t quit until I have a solution… or two.

Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of insight about what makes a project work. Most of the skills I’ve learned have been a matter of necessity. Careless workers create chaos somewhere and I have to finish, some way. Like a one legged man trying to stamp out a forest fire I’ve learned most from fixing or finishing what someone else has started.

Some of my customers have been with me for years.

Honestly I’m finding it difficult to try to tell you why I may be the best answer to your search.

I can’t tell you I’m the best at what I do. Only you can decide on that. I guarantee my work. If I do work for you and you aren’t satisfied I will stick with it until you are.

Here’s to a great project…

Jim McDonald

Woodland Contracting